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Shooting - Steph Curry

Here are links to some YouTube videos breaking down Steph Curry's shot, with takeaways. See Keys to shooting, Collin Castellaw.

Secrets To Steph Curry's Shooting Mechanics
(8:09, BballBreakdown)

  • feet pointing about 10 o'clock (uses the turn)
  • doesn't jump very high
  • feet flow forward a little bit, hinging at the waist (sway)
  • left anchor foot, small step with the right shooting foot
  • doesn't extend his arms very far for a catch
  • uses a short dip for rhythm and power
  • dips the ball and gets into a loaded stance
  • short dip, about one ball lower than where he caught it
  • mid-line shooter, ball in the centre of his body
  • very little if any space between his palm and the ball
  • set point - covers his right eye before going up and out
  • elbow slightly outside the ball
  • one-motion shot - the ball never pauses on its way up from the dip
  • elbow lock and wrist snap at the same time (floppy wrist)
  • some influence of his left thumb (a "thumber"), not abnormal
  • follows the ball with his eyes after the release
  • dribbling left, brings the ball to his shooting handup

Stephen Curry Shooting Tutorial
(9:48, ILoveBasketballTV)

  • his shot is quicker, and the arc better, because he shoots on the way up
  • goes straight into his shot off a hop or 1-2, stepping into a 1-2 even before catching the ballup

Sport Science - Stephen Curry (2:17)

  • can stop and set his feet for a transition pull-up jump shot in 0.33 seconds
  • forearm always within 5 degrees of vertical
  • releases the ball as he is rising, 0.06 seconds before the apex of his jump
  • quick release time of 0.4 seconds (vs. average of 0.54 seconds for NBA shooters)
  • release angle of 50 to 55 degrees on 3sup

Stephen Curry Shooting Form
(8:30, Splash Lab)

  • shooting shoulder, elbow and hip aligned
  • turns his feet slightly to the left (or turns counter-clockwise in the air)
  • wide stance, knees pointing inwards
  • the dip - brings the ball down to his waist
  • doesn't need to dip off the dribble, already low and ball waist high
  • palm shooter, rests the ball on his palm
  • set point  - just above the right eye, thumb in line with eyebrow, upper arm parallel to floor, forearm angle much less than 90 degrees, shooting palm on side of the ball (then rotates behind)
  • the ball travels backwards to the set point, then forwards towards the net
  • reaches the set point before feet leave the floor, uses power from his jump to push the ball
  • release - four fingers down, middle finger comes off last, relaxed, floppy wrist
  • eyes on the rim until the release, then he follows the ball
  • the guide hand comes off just before he snaps his wrist forward, tucks the thumb next to his index (pointer) finger
  • guide hand points forward (does not open up)
  • follow-through - elbow above head, arm completely straightup

How to Shoot like Stephen Curry
(15:29, Shot Mechanics)

  • turn feet slightly, between 10:30 and 11 o'clock
  • heels up, on balls of feet, like jumping off a diving board
  • one-motion jumper - ball can't break plane of the forehead (i.e. go over the head)
  • eyebrow set point, pointer finger on forehead
  • always brings the ball to the shot line
  • middle-finger release
  • arm extension - completely straight, arm locks out, wrist snaps
  • drills
    • bounce ups
      • bounce the ball above your head, hop and catch, bring it down to your waist, shoot
    • floor pick-ups
      • ball on floor outside dominant foot, pick it up, shoot in one motion
    • transition 3s
      • dribble with the inside hand on each side (dribbling with the left hand, bring the ball over to the shooting hand)
    • 180 3s
      • face away from the basket, spin a pass, catch with a hop, hop and turn 180 degrees, shoot, work around the arc, alternate turning left-right (see Shooting - 90s)

Steph Curry Shooting Secrets
(3:55, Shot Mechanics)

  • footwork (1-2 or hop), unlimited range, single-motion shooter, perfect follow-through

Steph Curry Part 2 - Shooting Secrets
(4:42, Shot Mechanics)

  • early targeting, shooting elbow tucked in, ball rotation and shooter's touch

Steph Curry - How to Move Without the Ball
(5:42, Akii Dean)

  • Curry uses a hop going to his left so he can attack with a left pivot foot, usually uses a 1-2 going right (left pivot foot)

Steph Curry Deep Range Secrets
(6:52, Shot Mechanics)

  • moving to his right (at 1:17), Curry will catch on his outside right foot, reverse pivot onto the left foot, bring the right foot into position to shoot (R-L-R).up

2007-22 Eric Johannsen