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Fast break
Petitgoue lead-up drills

Jerry Petitgoue

Lead-up drills to teach the numbered fast break, every day.
See Fast breaks - Petitgoue simplified break.

a) 3-man break

3-man weave from halfcourt with two passes, the first passer rebounds, all players go off, the next group goes.

b) Layup with chaser

Two lines at halfcourt, 1 passes to 2 who drives for a layup with 1 chasing (hear footsteps), don't broad jump for the shot, high jump, straight up.

See Layups - Wolf.

c) Rebound and outlet

Two coaches toss balls off the backboard, one on each side, 1 and 2 rebound, chin their balls, elbows out, make overhead outlet passes, and follow to get the next outlet passes. 3 and 4 pass to the coaches and go to the rebounding lines, 5 and 6 are the next rebounders.

See Rebounding - 1 on 0 form.

d) Rebound for 4 and 5

Each rebounder goes three times in a row. Two coaches each have a ball, one coach shoots for rebounder 5 who inbounds on a make, or outlets ballside on a miss, then repeats two more times, but if the ball bounces on the floor, immediately go off, do five push-ups, rebounder 4 comes in. Coach tries to make two shots and miss one.

See Fast break - Izzo rebound-outlet, Press break - Tar Heels rebound-outlet.

e) Figure-8

Fullcourt 3-man weave up and back, with 5 push-ups for each time the ball touches the floor.

See Passing - 3-man weave.

f) Marathon

Coach shoots while players 1-2-3-4-5 circle, make or miss they go back and forth fullcourt running the primary fast break four times for layups (start with 4 to 1 to 2), then the secondary fast break two times.

See Fast break - 5 on 0 trips, Florida five cycles.

First trip, five more to go.

Always outlet and inbound to the point guard, who takes one or two dribbles then advance passes (primary break), but keeps the ball after two dribbles (secondary break).up

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