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1 on 0 form rebounding


1 and 2 each make an underhand two-hand toss off the backboard then rebound the ball as high in the air as possible. As they are coming down they chin the ball and make a quarter-turn in the air towards the outside. Outlet players 3 and 6 call for the ball as it is being rebounded. The outlet is a push or overhead pass. Rebounders follow their passes for rotation.
Progression - Rebound-outlet.


- rebounders toss the ball from the foul line, then momentarily hold their position to create rebounding space before going after the ball (5starhoops.com)
- 5 and 4 jam the rebounders to pressure the outlet passes
- the outlet receivers are coaches, rebounders go the end of the other line..
David Faucher - coach tosses the ball off the backboard for kids (see Fast break - Petitgoue lead-up drills).
(Option - box out the coaches)

5star (Darryl Burrows) - keep the ball overhead, don't chin it, turn away from the defence, overhead pass; then pivot, dribble out of trouble, pass.

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