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Press break
Tar Heels rebound-outlet

Roy Williams

Bigs are in one line, littles are in another line on the sideline (in a game, the point guard gets his tail to the ballside sideline). Coach shoots, 4 rebounds and outlets to 1 on a miss or inbounds on a make, using an overhead pass. On a make, 4 must get the ball out of the net quickly, run out of bounds with two hands on the ball, don't go out the same side all the time. On a miss, the rebounder can take an escape dribble to get out of traffic (if he takes a second dribble, he's taking it, everyone else releases as hard as they can, see Bust Out).

Repeat with 5 and 2.

Against pressure

Add a defender on 1, 4 and 5 rebound, the rebounder will outlet or inbound, the other big runs the floor (4 and 5 are interchangeable). The rebounder can see the defence.

The non-rebounding big is an emergency outlet. Make or miss, he runs up the middle of the floor, at the top of the arc he turns to see if 1 is denied, if so he comes towards the ball. On a pass to the emergency outlet, 1 sprints upcourt.

In a game, the point guard should get ballside. If 1 comes out to the sideline and doesn't get the ball, he runs back catching the ball on the run (Bruce Pearl - circle back move).

On a defensive rebound, a hand-off to the point guard is an option, but that doesn't get the ball upcourt quickly.

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