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1-2-2 match-up situations

Options to match up against different offensive alignments using a 1-2-2 zone defence. Match-up rules are based on the Pistons 1-2-2:

- match up off X1
- X2 is always one man (attacker) to X1's left
- X3 is one man to X1's right
- X4 is one man to X2's left; if there is no attacker in the corner he goes to the low block, then high post, then other block
- X5 is one man to X3's right, he has the same rules as X4.

Variation (Hoop Tactics) - X5 takes the center, or if there is no post takes the baseline player to X1's right. Here X5 would switch with X4 to take (and stay with) 5.

Box out your match-up on a shot, close out on a pass to your match-up.

Situations (offensive alignments)

- Duke runner (low post)
- Duke runner (high post)
- 4-out 1-in
- 2-1-2
- 1-3-1
- 1-3-1 x-cuts
- 1-3-1 zone motion
- 3-out 2-in.

See Zone offence - Principles, sets and options.

Hoop Tactics - if you want to force the opponent into a one guard front alignment, show a two-guard zone the first possession, then apply match-up rules. If you want to force a two-guard offensive alignment, show a 1-2-2 or 1-3-1 zone the first possession.up

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