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1-2-2 match-up situations
Duke runner (high post)

5 starts in the high post. When 2 runs the baseline, X5 and X4 can switch, or stay matched up.

1) Switching

The high post is not considered a major threat. X2 and X3 pinch the elbows when X1 is on the ball, X1 covers the high post on a wing pass.

Defenders X1-X2-X3 guard 1-3-4, X4-X5 guard 2 and 5.

X1 takes the ball,

- X2 has 4
- X4 has 2
- X3 has 3
- X5 has 5, but stays low.

X1 should not pick up the ball too early since he has drop to help on the high post. Optionally against a high overload, X1 sinks to help on the high post instead of pressuring the ball.

See Defences -  Foster 3-2, Raptors 3-2.

1 passes to 3, 2 runs the baseline, X5 and X4 switch, X5 takes 2, X4 takes 5 and comes ballside, X2 sinks weakside.

Hoop Tactics - the match-up zone defends basket cuts by switching.

On a pass to the corner, X5 closes out, X4 guards 5 diving from the high post.

Option - X1 can slide down with 5 to contest a pass.

Chris Oliver - the high post is covered by the weakside low defender. They don't deny it and don't mind if it goes in there for a challenged 15-footer.

X5 takes away baseline, X4 can front from the top or play behind.

2) Stay matched up

The high post is considered a major threat.

X5 has high post 5 and comes high with X1 on the ball.

1 passes to 3, 2 runs the the baseline.

X3 takes the ball, X5 stays with 5, X4 changes sides and stays with 2.

Pistons 1-2-2 - when there is a big at the high post, defenders stay matched up, here 2 cuts through and X4 stays with him, there is no switch with X5, who is defending 5 at the high post.

Hoop Tactics - on certain cuts, defenders can stay with cutters and just interchange roles (assignments) instead of switching. This makes defending certain cuts much easier and can be very confusing to the offence. However, it does result in players having to play multiple positions within the match-up zone.

X5 pinches the high post with X1, who still has 1 but helps cover the high post.

Pistons - with the ball on the wing, X1 and X5 pinch the high post. X1 drops as deep as the ball but can't pinned by high post 5 on a skip pass. X1 is the "jam" guy, open to the ball with his right hand in the passing lane to 5 and his right leg over top of 5's left leg.

5 dives on a pass to the corner, X5 comes down too.

See 1-2-2 vs. 2-1-2.

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