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4 on 4 circles

Frankston Blues

Teach scrambling rotations on a baseline drive from the wing. Three defenders on the weakside rotate in a circle around three attackers, coach passes to 1 for a baseline drive, the closest defender must help on the drive and the other defenders scramble to match up. Defenders must be in a stance ready to react, and communicate to minimize any confusion.

Basketball Australia

Drills to practice rotation to help.
- replace weakside attackers with cones
- 1 and coach exchange spots, coach drives baseline, live 1-on-1 on a pass to 1.

a) 1 on 2

X4 guards coach, and should anticipate the drive by 1, stepping across to stop penetration to the key if X1 is beaten. If X1 is not beaten then X4 should remain in the key, with vision of his player. If X4 loses vision (coach can see the back of his head), coach should call out his name.

(Progression - rotation from help on a pass out to coach)

b) 2 v 3

X3 guards coach. If 1 beats X1, X4 rotates to stop penetration, X3 rotates to stop a pass to 4. Coach makes sure that X3 keeps vision of him before rotating. Defensive players should be encouraged to anticipate the drive and hedge (take an early step). If 1 does not beat X1, recover back to your player.
See Defending - UConn 2 on 3 trapping.

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