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1 on 1
Ryan Goodson

Ryan Goodson
Stephen Curry Skills Academy 2011

a) From under the rim

The attacker starts under the rim with coach out top, five seconds to get open, limit of three dribbles and one shot, make-it take-it.
Ontario Basketball - 1 on 1 perimeter (wing) or post.
Canada Basketball - X1 faces the ball, optionally coach dribbles to a wing, 1 cuts out top. Variations
- X1 faces 1
- 1 starts on the foul line with X1 behind him and cuts to either wing.

See 1 on 1 - Florida finishing, Attack/defend - Pasquali 3 on 3 advantage, 2 on 2 Ontario.

For a quick-catch shooting series (without defence), cut from under the rim, e.g. curl, fade, pop (can use cones).

See Shooting - Downscreens, 5star downscreens, Memphis screens.

Mike Neighbors - windshield wiper shooting - start under the basket, cut to a wing for a pass and shot, rebound, pass to coach and cut to the other wing, continue for 8 shots.

b) From halfcourt

Check the ball at halfcourt, stay within the cones, limit of 3-4 dribbles and one shot, make-it take-it.

See 1 on 1 - Halfcourt containment, Transition - Calipari 11.

Variation - the ball is at the top of the key, 1 is in a sideways power (control) dribble stance, X! has his forearm on 1's shoulder with intense defensive pressure, on "go", 1 must create space and get to the ball without going outside the cones, then it's 1-on-1, one shot only.

c) Help from weakside

Both players start on the blocks, as soon as 1 starts to dribble, X1 step slides outside his cone, turns and sprints to play the weakside defender rotating over on penetration.

See 1 on 1 - Ganon Baker trail blazer, Around cones.

d) Help on a flat ballscreen

X1 step slides to the opposite block, then 1 attacks off the dribble from near the jump circle, making a dribble move at the cone (getting his defender into a flat ballscreen), and attacking the help on the ballscreen.

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