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1 on 1
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Ganon Baker

Attacker 2 is on the baseline, defender 3 is on the opposite block and calls "go", 2 dribbles out around his cone, then has three dribbles before shooting. The attacker gets two points for a make, and one point if he penetrates to the heart of the lane (the "penetration box"). Use change of speed, shot fake, two-foot take-off. Change sides.


Cones are even with the edge of the lane on each side about 15 feet beyond the top of the key. 2 and 3 are on the baseline, 3 goes as soon as 2 starts to dribble. The attacker gets only one shot and must try to get a layup, no jump shots. The second pair goes when 2 and 3 reach the foul line coming back. Go from both sides, use both baskets. A change of direction dribble is a good tactic for the attacker.
Ryan Goodson - players start on the baseline, cones are outside the 3-point line, one shot only, make-it take-it.
See 1 on 1 - Around cones, Reid Ouse - Transition 1 on 1 (YouTube).

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