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2 on 2 on 2


Two teams. 1 and 2 attack X1 and X2. On a stop or score, X1 or X2 outlet to X4 or X5, who together attack the other way against 1 and 2 (no inbounds pass after a make). All made shots are 1 point (emphasize attacking the basket), play to 7 or 11.

Other rules
- the outlet pass must be made in the backcourt
- the other attacker can cut upcourt before the outlet pass
- 1 or 2 can steal the outlet pass and try to score (against X4 and X5)
- players stealing the ball in their backcourt must outlet the ball
- defensive fouls count as a basket
- offensive fouls are a violation (turnover)
- no out of bounds, use the whole gym.

Variation - 1 and 2 can press X4 and X5 in the frontcourt, steal the ball and try to score.

On a stop or score at the other end, 1 or 2 will outlet to 3 or 5 who together attack X5 and X4.

Fabian McKenzie - the teams are in the corners, and must get the ball in the corner.

(Other variations)

- neither player can move until a change of possession (stop or score)
- neither player can move until the outlet pass is made (no leaking early)
- each pair of players is a team
- use 3 balls, no outlet pass (see Victoria)
- inbounds pass after a make
- normal scoring
- 3 on 3, 4 on 4
- no teams.
See Transition - DeMatha 2 on 2.

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