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4-out 1-in drive and kick

5 on 0 with ballside or weakside low post, each ballhandler will drive, kick, exit cut outside the arc, other players space on penetration (e.g., fill behind) and call for the ball, every three passes a shot is taken, re-set, continue until 5 combined makes (or shots).

See Tactics - 4-out 1-in drive and kick.


- replace a player after each shot (or make), see Shooting - Duke 3-man penetrate and kick
- run motion for 3-5 passes then drive and kick for a shot, see Shooting - Pull-thru (repeat until everyone has taken a shot)
- drive and kick twice then shoot, see Shooting - Florida dribble-drive
- make a "one more" pass after a drive and kick, see Shooting - 3-on-0 kick-out
- the shooter rotates to the top of the key and gets a kick-out pass for a second shot (make or miss on the first shot), see Shooting - Grinnell 6-line, Grinnell 3 on 0
- first attack 5 on 0 upcourt, come back
- 4-out motion with no post player
- no shooting, continuous drive and kick, see Tactics - 4 on 0 penetration-drift.

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