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Grinnell 3 on 0

Dave Arseneault

1 drives inside the arc but outside the lane, jump stops and skip passes to 3 for a shot (2 and 3 don't bury themselves too deep in the corners). 1 and 2 rebound (in a game, the shooter rotates towards the top of the arc for a kick-out pass after an offensive rebound), all three players go to the back of their lines.

4-5-6 go next, 6 will shoot.

Continue until players in all three lines have taken a shot, then repeat 4 times with each line shooting against no defender, 2 defenders, 3 defenders and 5 defenders.

Progression - the shooter rotates around the arc and gets a kick-out on an offensive rebound (option - after a miss or make on the first shot).

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