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2 on 1, 3 on 2 vs coach


Decision-making on attack, with coach as a defender, read what he does.

a) 2 on 1

If coach steps in front of ballhandler 1, 1 passes to attacker 2; if coach stays in the middle of the lane or moves towards 2, 1 continues to drive the basket.
Shawnee Harle - try to turn 2 on 1 into 2 on 0, coach can make you pass too easily, don't become a passer first.

b) 3 on 2

Coach is the bottom defender in a tandem. Options are:

- 1 passes to 2 (or 3), coach stays under the basket, 2 should shoot
- 1 passes to 2, coach comes out to play the ball, X1 does not drop down to protect the basket, 2 should pass to 3 for layup (shown)
- 1 passes to 2, coach comes out on the ball, X1 drops down, 2 passes back to 1 stepping towards the ball for a shot
- coach moves out to guard 2 when 1 is still dribbling towards the basket, 1 should pass to 3 for a layup.

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