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1 on 2 fullcourt

Player 1 starts from the baseline and tries to dribble on that side to the other end against defenders 2 and 3. On a stop or ball out of play, 1 gets the ball back. 1 switches with a defender coming back on the other side.

See Pressing - George Mason drill  (herding), Porter 1 on 2.
Ray Lokar - 1 on 2 - dribble in the backcourt (or fullcourt) against two defenders using a variety of moves, emphasize the back dribble and other escape moves. Also dribble against one defender in the backcourt, try to get to halfcourt in only 5 dribbles.

Variation - use an inbounds passer, set up press breakdown situations, e.g.,

1-2-1-1 zone
- deny or allow the inbounds pass
- double team deny the point guard (face guard with the defender of the inbounds passer)
- quick trap on the inbounds pass
- slow trap on the dribble
2-2-1 zone
- deny or allow the inbounds pass
- force sideline, make the first trap
Man-to-man press
- quick trap, fake trap, slow trap
- run and jump sideline, or middle
- double-team deny the point guard
- X4 is in a rover position, X1 face guards O1

1-2-1-1 progression - the inbounds passer can enter for 2 on 2, defenders can then match up into man to man on reversal, and deny a return pass to the point guard.

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