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Press breaks
Giorgis regular

Brian Giorgis

Preparation is huge, be ready for odd-front and even-front zone pressure, man-to-man pressure, and fullcourt, 3/4-court, halfcourt pressure. Press attack, not press break. The ballhandler should always have 3 options - behind, middle and ahead.

They do everything out of 1-4, use the regular press break against 1-2-1-1, 1-2-2 (see Press breaks - Giorgis rotation).

4 inbounds, is smart, skilful, able to put the ball on the floor, and can throw the long pass. 4 always trails the ball against zone pressure, 45-degree angle, available for a back pass, and is tall enough to contest a layup on a steal.

4 inbounds to 1, who can come back but gets it at least five feet from the sideline and baseline. 4 steps inbounds toward the ball, distorting the defence as much as possible, a skip pass to 3 will be open if a defender takes away ball reversal.

5 slashes up the floor to the sideline about halfcourt (see below against a 1-2-2).

2 slashes up the middle (he likes guards slashing up the middle towards the other basket, not coming back to the ball).

See Press breaks - Rose 1-4, Old Dominion Line (4 runs the baseline and inbounds to 3), Giorgis rotation (direct inbounds to 3, e.g. 4 can't run the baseline).

If someone is open ahead of you, give them the ball, and attack to score.

On a pass to 2 he looks to go, or if not pass opposite to 3, who looks to go.

If 5 gets a pass from 1, he holds on to the ball if not sure, never dribbles across halfcourt and picks up the ball. If he can push it up the sideline, do so. If not over halfcourt, he can go back (reverse the ball).

2 slashes ahead up the middle.

If 1 passes to 4, he has three options (1-2-3), but usually reverses it fast to 3, then 2 slashes up the sideline and 1 slashes middle, this is the action he likes, a point guard with the ball in the middle of the floor.

They like to reverse it fast, the whole defence is on one side, and against a 1-2-1-1, the middle defender has to get all the way over to cover slasher 2.

There is time to reverse the ball once.

4 goes back and forth making sure there is always a back pass.

If 3 passes back to 4, 5 would come back for a pass, then 1 and 3 slash (see Rotation vs 1-2-1-1).

You have people you want in the middle handling the ball, and people you don't on the sides passing (some 5s may be nervous with the ball in the middle).

See Press breaks - Double Middle, LSU Set, Atkins Louisville.

On an inbounds to 2, 3 goes down the sideline get the ball ahead.

On a inbounds pass to 5, he would look opposite to 3.

See a direct passing angle, don't try to throw over a defender like it's monkey in the middle.

Against a 1-2-2

5 slashes behind the second-line defender, 2 slashes middle, a bit more ballside, distorting backside defender X2, 3 has a ton of room to attack on a skip pass.

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