Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Post play
Getting open
Catch with a jump stop, chin the ball, and check the defence (usually over the inside shoulder). See Post Moves and Shots for finishing options.

One (or more) post players can pass to coach (or a player), get open for a pass, call for the ball, make a post move, shoot, and rebound.

Weakside low post

- face in, flash cut, v-cut or spin cut to get open, use change of pace
- if your defender is low, take him lower then high; if he is high, take him higher then low
- stop in the middle of the lane, don't over-run
- cut to the high post if a ballside low post is denied.

Ballside low post

- screen away (or fake) and come back
- get on the post line between the ball and the basket
- re-post on a pass back out ballside
- if overplayed on one side, do a quick roll around the defender, pinning on the other side
- circle move - if defended on the top, reverse pivot on the top foot; if defended on the bottom, reverse pivot on the bottom foot.

Also see the one-hand catches drill.

If fronted

- step-over/step-through move, spin move other way if blocked
- slip move - step through with the bottom foot if the defender moves from the high side to front, or with the top foot if the defender moves from the low side to front
- seal for a lob pass (corner of backboard).

Face the defender

- step between his feet, sit and spin (reverse pivot) to seal (option - pop out)
- or just reverse pivot in either direction to pin (Walton move)
- on a pass to the ballside corner, reverse pivot on the bottom foot to seal the defender
- on a pass from the top to the wing, step between the defender's legs with the outside (top) foot, reverse or forward pivot
- or step to the middle with the inside foot, reverse pivot to seal.

See the swing and seal drill.


Ball at the top, high post, or other wing

- the low post faces the basket, steps across the defender with his inside foot and sits on the defender's thigh (option - jab step first)
- or he steps between the defender's legs with his outside foot and reverse or forward pivots to seal
- if fronted when the ball is passed back out front, reverse pivot on the top foot to seal
- with the ball at the high post, step up toward the ball if fronted, seal and look for the lob.

See the duck-in drill.

21 position (e.g., short corner) - a forward pivot on the inside foot reduces the distance to score, a reverse pivot on the outside foot creates separation.

See the 4-spot, Lynums, and Coach K extended post drills.

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