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Break 3

Ian MacKinnon

Break exploits offensive match-ups on the perimeter and inside (with 5). The corner is the perimeter match-up spot. Get into high-low continuity after the initial action, see Offence - High-low.

With Break 3, 5 UCLA screens then ballscreens on a wing-entry pass to either side. Also see Offences - Break 1, Break 2, and European (play 6).

a) Pass to ballside wing

1 passes to the ballside wing and UCLA cuts to the low post.

Option - Break 3 is automatic if 1 brings the ball up the left and passes to 3.

5 picks and rolls, 1 fills behind the ballhandler.

Special - 5 pops, 1 backscreens for 5.


- 5 downscreens for 1
- 1 can UCLA cut to the weakside corner,
see Offence - Georgia motion, Fast breaks - Versoix specials (Triangle), and Horns 23 triangle.
Germany - instead of the pick and roll, 5 can pin down for 1 who zipper cuts out top then 5 posts up.

If 3 throws back to 1, get into high-low offence.

Options on a pass back to 1 (see Bill Self ballscreen offence)

- a three-point shot
- post feed 5 (if 5 then kicks the ball out, he chases the pass to ballscreen)
- if 5 is fronted, hit 4 for a high-low pass (if 4 can't make the pass, reverse the ball to 2 and ballscreen)
- 1 waits for 4 to pick and pop (4 can feed 5).

b) Ball reversal

1 reverses the ball to 4, who passes to 3, UCLA cuts, and fills behind on the ballscreen.

5 backscreens for 4 on a pass to 2.

Get into high-low on a pass to 1, with the inside match-up at the low post.

Denial options

If 2 is denied,

a) 5 backscreens then re-screens to get him open on the wing,

b) 1 dribble entries with a hand-off to 2,

c) 1 dribble pushes 2 to the block, exchanging positions.

If 4 is denied, run Dive.

If 3 is denied, options are the same as when 2 is denied, e.g., 5 backscreens then re-screens (shown).

See Break 1.

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