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Georgia 4-out 1-in motion

Dennis Felton

Structured 4-out 1-in "motion on tracks". There is good spacing (high and wide) and low-post isolation, but a big has to handle the ball on the perimeter, and the offence is straight-forward, easy to scout.

1, 2 and 3 are interchangeable (and there is no point guard once you get into it), as are 4 and 5. Two guards are on the double side (here 1 and 2), one guard on the single side (3). 4 is at the high post. 5 posts up at the rim as much as possible, and chases the ball.

On a pass to 4, his priorities are score, dump (inside to 5), reverse (to 3). On any pass to the high post, there is a two-guard game on the double side, with a downscreen or flarescreen, then the guards exchange. Players will choose to downscreen, so Felton has his point guard be the screener, a flarescreen if he is the low guard.

Whenever the high post reverses the ball, he screens away. Here 4 screens for flarescreener 2, pick the picker.

Here 1 and 4 stagger screen for 2, X2 must run into 4. They get a ton of shots off this. Felton wants the stagger in the paint, so 2 v-cuts deep, even though it's into 5's space for a second. 1 clears to the wing.

4 would also screen away if 1 skip passes to 3.

3 looks for 5 or to drive the elbow, help defenders are occupied.

On a pass to 2 at the high post, his priorities are shoot, dump, or drive reverse the ball away from where it came (think drive to score), don't hold it (2 could pass to 1).

5 does not chase the ball on drive reverse.

4 has two options, the first is to reverse pivot for a hard post-up after screening, then 5 flashes to the high post. 4 could be sealing shot-blocker X4 if 2 drives the basket.

Or 4 cross-screens for 5 then comes high (or 5 comes high reading the defence).

Depending on personnel and matchups, a coaching option is to keep 5 close to the basket.

Post split

Split the post on a post feed, don't just stand or relocate, 2 and 1 have a two-man game reading the defence, e.g., 2 screens for 1 then slips to the basket or cuts to the corner, or 1 upscreens for 2 and slips to the rim. The high post screens away then slips to the rim.


On a pass to the corner on the double side, 5 backscreens for the passer, 4 screens away.

Then 5 ballscreens.

Drive offence - on dribble penetration, shape up to get open, get away from your defender, give the driver an angle to feed you.


If 3 is denied on the single side, he takes his man higher and backcuts. If there is still nothing, 1 and 2 can screen again.

The high post screens away any time he is denied.

Option - he makes eye contact, 2 and 4 stagger screen for 1 on the double side.

If the defence puffs up and denies the perimeter, put the ball inside to 5 (he has to work), or put it on the floor and get it to the rim.

Felton sends 2 to 5 to the offensive board except if 1 is on the baseline on the shot, then 2 and 3 get back (no confusion).

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