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Bill Self ballscreen

Kansas ballscreen offence

1) 3-out 2-in set

Fist is a ballscreen offence. 1 can pass and cut to the ballside or weakside corner (see Bill Self high-low motion), or dribble a wing down or through or shallow cut to the top if there is no entry pass, run Fist from there.

4 and 5 are the ballscreeners, the screener must get separation from his defender so the defence can't make a good hedge or double team - create a bad hedge. Ballscreen with the big whose defender who can't hedge (or is lazy or in foul trouble), if both defenders are good, one big screens for the ballscreener (shown).

The ballhandler must set up his defender, e.g., with a hard jab step, reverse pivot, back-down dribble, pass fake, or shot fake. Off the ball, don't run toward the ballscreen, give space, keep your man occupied, read the help, try to create bad help.

If 1 cuts to the ballside corner, the ballscreener's chest should face the sideline. Make xdribbler go over the top, if he goes under, bury him with a reverse pivot butt screen. After screening, dive and post with both feet in the lane, or screen for a three-point shot by 1.

1 must be alert and sprint up to replace 2 driving off the screen.

Variation - 2 can pass to 3 and cut to the weakside corner as 1 moves out of it.

Weakside 5 has a number of reads, he can

- duck in hard if his defender is on the midline or playing soft
- walk up to the elbow if his defender is aggressively body to body, then backdoor for a lob when 2 drives middle
- fade screen for 3 if X3 is playing good helpside defence (shown), look to post or slip. 5 could come out to ballscreen on a pass to 3.

X's and O's of Basketball - Kansas "Fist"

- guards should fill any one of 6 spots on the floor, corners, wings, and wing-tops.
- anytime a forward catches the ball, and passes it back out to a guard, he chases the ball into a ball screen.
- on any ball screen, the guard should try to drive to the rim (baseline or middle).
- on any baseline drive off a ball screen, the forward pops out for pick and pop.
- on any middle drive off a ball screen, the forward rolls off and sets a downscreen for the strong side corner then slips to the basket.
- on any middle drive off a ball screen, the weakside forward should duck in once the ball crosses the lane.
- on all ball reversal, weakside forward should duck-in attempting to seal his defender, for an easy drop step dunk move.

There are four options on a pass back to 1,

- a three-point shot
- a post feed to the screener who rolled to the lane
- if the low post is fronted, hit 5 flashing for a high-low
- wait on 5 flashing to step out and ballscreen.

If 4 kicks the ball out after a post-entry, he will chase the pass to ballscreen.

If 1 passes to 5 and he can't make a high-low pass, reverse the ball to 3 and ballscreen.

Here 1 passes and cuts to the weakside corner, 4 sets a butt screen with his chest facing X2's back. Bury him with a reverse-pivot butt screen. 2 can go either way, 4 can pick and roll, or pick and pop (shown). 3 and 1 can interchange weakside (one guard should drift to the corner on a baseline drive).

Anytime 1 cuts opposite his pass, the ballscreener has the option of a butt screen.

See Fast breaks - Florida 2006.

Weave with a 4 to 5 screen

1 dribble hand-offs to 2, who passes to 3, 4 cross-screens for 5 who ballscreens.

Corner (a good change-up option)

1 passes to 2 and cuts to the ballside corner, 2 makes a return pass and clears opposite, 5 ballscreens.
See Quick hitters - Canes (5 backscreens for 2 then ballscreens for 1).

2) 1-4 set


A counter if the defence is hedging hard or trapping. 1 passes and cuts opposite, both bigs sprint to ballscreen at the same time, but the first screener slips to the basket looking for a pass from 2. 4 ballscreens if there is no pass, 5 goes weakside.


Another counter if the defence is hedging hard or trapping. 5 goes to ballscreen, 4 pops out top for a pass from 2 and looks to throw a lob pass inside to 5 who ballscreened or slipped the screen.

See Offence - Florida pick and roll.

5 to 4 screen

5 screens across for 4, who ballscreens. Continue with any option of Fist, e.g., 5 backcuts from the weakside elbow when 2 drives middle.

See Florida pick and roll.

Old 1-4 (Daniel)

This is an entry to get a layup or 3-point shot before entering Fist.

3) Buna Set

1 passes to 2 in the low wing area (not too deep in the corner) then cuts through or gets high and wide. 5 goes out to ballscreen and should pick a side late for a bad hedge. If the defence hedges, 2 should pass to 4 at the high post for a high-low or lob pass to 5 diving to the basket. If 4 can't hit 5, reverse it to 3 and ballscreen, we're in Fist.

Push 5

A set play against pressure. 4 circles down in front of 5 then relocates to the opposite block. 5 comes out to ballscreen, 3 screens for 5, 1 dribbles off the screen then throws it to 5. 3 must not get too low, or show an obvious screen.


5 ballscreens for 2, big guard 3 posts on a pass to 4.

Variation - 5 ballscreens for 1.

After 1 passes to 2 and cuts, 5 steps out for a pass from 2, 2 downscreens for 1 then clears.

5 passes to 1, picks and rolls.

5) Side

An entry to get the ball inside quickly. 1 dribble clears 3 to the opposite corner, where 2 will downscreen for him. 1 dribbles off 4's ballscreen, 4 pops for a pass and feeds 5.

St. Benedict's Clinic

At Kansas, once the initial offensive set has been broken down by the defence, the offence is now in ballscreen mode, it's the best way to get a shot off in a short period of time.

A good time to feed the post is off a pick and roll (high) because the screener's defender is worried about hedging.

This is how they get two post defenders to cover opposite sides of the floor. 1 must pump a ball fake at 5 before the action starts.

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