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Horns 23 triangle

See Offences - Tom Crean (53 motion) and Break 3, also Fast breaks - Versoix specials (Triangle).

1 dribbles left (Horns 3), 3 blast cuts for a pass, 1 uses 4 to UCLA cut opposite his defender, clears to the weakside corner, 5 pins down for 2.

If 3 is overplayed on the entry pass, 1 can dribble enter the wing to exchange positions (keeping his dribble alive).

If 2 blast cuts at the same time as 3, then 5 would just slide down to the weakside low post (see Break 2).

Georgia 4-out 1-in motion - after screening for 2, 5 gets behind the 3-point line.

Variation - 1 can cut to the ballside corner, see below (Jeff Bauer - corner cuts are useful against trapping defences).

4 goes out to pick and roll with 3.


- 5 comes up to the weakside elbow, see Break 1
- 4 picks and pops (short corner or behind the arc), 5 punches in from the weakside
- if 4 slips the screen, 5 sprints to set another ballscreen, see Florida pick and roll offence, Break 1.

If there is no shot and the ball is reversed to 1, 2 basket cuts using a backscreen from 5.

Against a sagging defence, put a good shooter in the weakside corner.

5 ballscreens for 1.

For continuity, 1 would pass to 3 who passes to 2 then basket cuts using 4.

Here passes to 3 and UCLA cuts to the ballside corner.

If 4 will pick and pop, have 1 run the baseline to the other corner.

See the Unicaja junior fast break - 4 needs space to play in isolation, so any guard on this side has to move to the other side when the ballscreen is set.

If 4 will pick and roll, have 1 run the baseline, or 3 can pass to 2 then fill the other corner, 1 lifts behind the ballscreen.

You may have 5 always pick and roll.

See Offence - Bill Self ballscreen, Break 3, also Kowalczyk ballscreen (Unskilled post option).

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