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2. Passing, Dribbling

See YouTube skills playlists - Passing, Dribbling.


  • Basic
    • Coordination - passing, catching
    • Stationary (triple threat)
    • On the move, off the dribble
    • Chest, bounce, overhead, push
    • Receiving - show both hands, meet the pass, catch with both hands, jump stop
  • Intermediate
    • Pass fake
    • One hand off the dribble
    • Penetrate and kick, dish
    • post
    • Against pressure - pivot, sweep, rip, pass fake
  • Advanced
    • Skip, baseball
    • Post entry - relocate, cut, screen away
    • Hook, sidearm (circular, wrap), shovel (across the body), behind the back, kick (sideways), flip (dominant hand across the body, outside-hand guide)up


  • Stationary ballhandling & dribbling
  • Dribble while moving e.g. skip, backpedal
  • From triple threat
  • Speed dribble - dominant hand, weak hand, alternating hands
  • Rhythm dribble - ball and inside foot hit at the same time (protect the ball)
  • Drive and finish or pass
  • Catch and go
  • Shift speeds
  • Turn the corner, cut off your defender, attack in a straight line
  • Crossover moves
    • Switch hands
    • Basic cross - drive and step forward, cross the ball, step with the other foot
    • Push or roll crossover (throw cross)
    • Iverson cross - "big" crossover, ball and foot cross over, usually set up by a skip hesitation. Counters
      • inside-out
      • cross between
        • cross between
        • cross, float and run with the ball, between
      • cross stepback
        • no extra dribble
        • cross, float and run, stepback dribble
      • Durant double cross
        • hesi cross cross (big cross, small cross)
        • hesi cross hesi cross (big cross, big cross)
    • Cross spin (Tony Parker)
      • counter - cross to half-reverse layup
  • Protect the ball
    • Closed stance, arm bar
    • Control dribble (crab) - defender on shoulder
    • Back-down dribble - defender on hip
    • Escape - retreat dribble, retreat crossover (or between), lateral dribble
      • retreat, hip swivel, attack or cross
  • Inside-out moves
  • Between the legs (scissor series)
    • Scissor the feet to land in a split stance (lunge position), or step forward with the back foot, go thru
    • Stop separation - jump stop ("hockey" stop), between
    • Hesi scissor cross, scissor inside-out, scissor cross wrap, scissor wrap, scissor cross cross
    • Scissor hesi, scissor cross (Hardaway), scissor hesi cross
    • Scissor under, scissor under cross
  • Pocket dribble - pull the ball back outside the hip
  • Behind the back
    • Sit on the ball (a V)
    • Wrap around the back
    • Speed stop exchange - speed stop, behind the back (stop separation)
  • Hesitation moves
    • Rise up - fast-slow-fast, stop and go
    • Stutter
    • Skip (inside foot)
      • load-up (scissor) move - skip, drop the inside foot back, push off (drop position)
    • Glide (shuffle, gallop step, kick step)
  • Reverse dribble - change hands
    • Fake reverse - baseline drive, reverse, reverse again, attack the basket
    • Reverse dribble to drag move to drop position (then dribble step-thru to inverted drop, can reverse dribble again)
  • Spin dribble
    • Half spin - fake a spin dribble
  • Other combo moves
    • e.g., behind-behind (Steve Nash)
  • Primary-secondary moves
    •  e.g. inside-out cross, hesi between
  • Dribble-jab moves
    • Nash dribble-jab and go - jab with the inside (non-dribble) foot
      • dribble-jab cross (jab inside, jab outside, cross; progression - Iverson cross)
        • counter - dribble-jab inside-out (Drew Hanlen)
    • Stutter and go (3 steps, jab-jab-jab, can be outside-inside-outside foot)
    • Drop cross (cross jab, switch-hand move) - switch hands, jab back the other way
      • counter - cross jab cross (or between)
    • Jab-crossover (pound cross) - pound dribble & jab with the outside (dribble) foot, crossover
      • jab between
  • Push out
    • Mini inside-out and dribble-foot jab at the same time
    • Shoot (freeze pull-up)
    • Push-out cross
    • Push-out stunt - push-out, jab opposite (fake cross), attack
  • Jamal Crawford shift cross
    • Dribble behind or between, shift opposite, dribble behind (see Crawford finish)
  • Closed-stance
    • Isaiah Thomas - pound and crossover step (get an angle), hesitate, attack.up

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