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Skills Checklists

3. Finishing

See YouTube skills playlists (Finishing).

  • Basic
    • Regular layup off one foot - dominant hand (overhand)
    • Jump stop (shoot off two feet in traffic)
    • Primary move, secondary move
    • Give and go, backdoor cut
  • Intermediate
    • Regular layup off one foot - non-dominant hand
    • Underhand (scoop, finger roll)
    • Reverse layup
      • outside drive, inside-hand finish, Euro finish (outside hand)
      • middle drive, finish on the other side - baby hook or tight scoop (outside hand), half reverse (inside hand)
    • Power finish
      • outside-inside stride stop (skip off inside foot), outside-hand finish
        • inside-hand finish
        • floater
      • back pivot (spin away), e.g.  baby hook, jump hook, fadeaway
        • variation - step back
      • back pivot, step-thru
        • counter - spin back
      • back pivot, step-thru taken away
        • step middle to finish goofy-foot, can step back
        • reverse pivot (lose vision), can spin back
      • back pivot, fake reverse pivot (half spin)
    • Split move (Dave Smart)
      • Dave Smart - attack middle, skip off the inside foot, push off top foot toward the basket, finish with inside hand off inside foot (outside-inside footwork)
      • DJ Sackmann - same footwork attacking baseline
    • Inside hand
      • off the outside foot
    • Pro hop
      • hard last dribble, jump off two feet, land on two
      • take the ball overhead, or behind the back
      • counters - step thru, reverse pivot, step across
      • Drew Hanlen - pound dribble then hop two feet to two feet, pick up the ball after the hop
    • Euro-step
      • 45-degree out-in or in-out, pound the ball on the 3rd last step
      • outside-inside - take the ball across high or low, regular finish, over the front of the rim, floater or runner (off one foot), half reverse, goofy-foot (other hand)
      • inside-outside (inverted) - outside hand (goofy-foot), inside hand
      • Drop-cross Euro-step - dribble-jab move into a Euro-step or other finish
    • Foot-cross move (swing step)
      • defender beats you to a spot, punch the last dribble, go across your body with the outside foot, one more step to finish (too far away to Euro-step)
      • take the ball overhead or behind the back
    • Fake a pass
    • One-hand pickup
      • underhand - high off the glass, protect with the off arm
      • side-arm
    • Running hook
    • Baseline drive from the corner
      • glide - finish over the front of the rim with the other hand
      • reverse layup
      • slide - jump off the inside foot into a jump stop facing the baseline, finish with the hand furthest from the defender
    • Rocker - pullback dribble, head fake, blow by (or cross or between, blow by)
  • Advanced
    • Reverse layup off two feet
    • Spin pullback
      • front or other side of the rim
      • counter - upfake, step thru
      • half spin (fake)
        • fake spin middle, spin back, goofy-foot floater high off the backboard
    • Tony Parker cross spin, also between spin
    • Floater
      • tear-drop off one foot or a hop or stride stop, dribble hand or strong-hand finish
    • Runner
      • Steve Nash one-legged shot
    • Goofy-foot
      • outside hand and foot (Steve Nash, Tony Parker)
      • inside hand and foot (Rajon Rondo)
    • Extension finish
      • inside-outside stride stop, outside-hand finish
    • Rondo move
      • stride stop (outside-inside), fake goofy-foot half reverse, spin to a baby hook, jump hook, or shot
      • counters - step-thru, goofy-foot step-across
    • Cradle
      • show the ball, bring it down, finish with either hand
    • Double-pump reverse
      • go up for a regular layup, switch hands, under for a reverse layup
      • Dr. J - same-hand finish
    • Jamal Crawford
      • shake and bake - behind, between or crossover dribble, hop the other way, take the ball behind the back, in front, or over the top to finish (see scissors stepback, Crawford shift cross)
    • Veer move
      • on your last step (inside), cut off or step into your defender
      • veer dribble to cut off your defender earlyup

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