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Fast break
Dean Smith secondary break drill

Dean Smith
Multiple Offense and Defense

Coach passes from the baseline to any player on team O,

- on a pass to 4, X5 and X3 must touch the baseline before defending (shown),
- if coach passes to 5, X4 and X3 touch the baseline,
- X4 and X5 touch the baseline on a pass to 3,
- no defenders touch the baseline if coach passes to 1 or 2.

If team O scores at the other basket (or gets fouled), they get a point and first pass from a coach at the other end, if team X gets a stop they counter-attack, play to a score, referee whistle or ball out of bounds, the team with possession sets up for a pass from coach on their baseline.

Play to about 6 baskets, award foul shots only when they could win the game.

See Transition - 4 on 4 recover, for other Dean Smith scrimmage ideas see Scrimmage - 5 on 5 halfcourt stops, Stop and break, Pressing - 444, Tennessee 55 reaction, Defence - Tar Heels scramble.

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