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Wootten Fogler

Morgan Wootten

4 on 4 shell. Force the ballhandler towards the sideline, deny attackers one pass away from the ball, have one foot in the lane defending two passes away, and both feet in the lane when three passes away. Defenders must see the ball and their man.

coachesclipboard.ca - weakside defenders should have two feet in the lane when the ball is below the foul line, and one foot in the lane with the ball above it.

2 runs a give and go with 4, X2 denies by jumping to the ball. 3 and 5 fill cut.
Dean Smith - X2 retreats in the direction of the pass, more concerned about a basket cut than denying a return pass. Guarding a player who is two or more perimeter passes from the ball, be in the lane, supporting against a backdoor cut, baseline drive, or lob pass.

On coach's signal, 4 passes to 3, X5 denies 5 (one pass away).

On ball reversal to 5, 3 and 4 exchange, or 3 screens away for 4 (shown). X3 is now two passes away from the ball and steps in the direction of the ball. X4 moves up the lane and should be telling X3 what to do because he can see the entire court. Defenders should never be more than one pass away from their man.

X5 defends a give and go by 5.

Continue until players are back in their original positions.
Dean Smith - transition drill

- exchange or screen away on a guard-to-guard pass
- 5 basket cuts on the guard-to-forward pass, 3 sprints to the ballside high-post area before replacing 4.

See Defending - 4 on 4 shell.

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