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Dual zig-zag

Fabienne Blizzard

A warm-up drill, use a line of cones on each side of the floor, each player has a partner, 1 and 4 start and run a zig-zag pattern to the last cone (avoiding each other, v-cut at each cone), then run back through the middle and go again. The next pair should go when the pair ahead of them makes their first change of direction (not shown), there's a lot of traffic, players need to keep their head up.


- run backwards from cone to cone, and backwards returning through the middle
- crossover dribble at each cone, dribble back up the middle.
Canada Basketball
- zig-zag run around the cones (not v-cuts), come back outside, or optionally run back through the middle
- zig-zag dribble around the cones
- start with two-line dynamic warm-up (come back outside)  e.g. jogging, high knees, butt kicks, carioca, backpedal, gallop, step-slide, knee-out, knee-in, hops, lunge walk, walking side lunge, lateral bounding (forward speed skaters)
- progressions - dribble moves at cones (e.g. pullback crossover), layups.
See Conditioning - Early time (basic running), Youth dynamic warm-up, Dribbling - Gooroo fullcourt, Fullcourt zig-zag.

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