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Fast break
Schuring cycles

Tim Schuring

See YouTube video - Teach Transition Offence with 5 Easy Drills.

1) Primary cycles

Start out with 2 trips then 4 trips then 6 trips of primary break cycles. Define what you want to do in those trips.

a) 2 trips

Players jog in a circle, the next group of players is against the wall ready to rotate in.

Coach shoots, 4 will rebound and outlet to 1 on a miss, or inbound on a make.

Always finish (inbound at the far end).

(Variation) - the next group is at the far basket with another coach, see Transition - 76ers, Fast break - Dribble-drive 5 on 0.

On the first trip the 1-man hits one of the wings for a jump shot,

In the video, inbounder 4 makes a putback; also the wings don't cross sides in this drill.

On the second trip, 1 hits a wing who dumps it inside to 5.

In the video, trailer 4 dives and gets a pass from 5, shown.

See Fast break - Tennessee 4 on 0 & 5 on 0, also Tar Heels 5 on 0.

(Progression) - transition on a defensive rebound, see Haefner two trips.

John Leonzo - 5 on 0 flow - players jog in a circle, coach tosses a ball up and calls the name of a player who rebounds, play it like a miss (outlet), score and inbound at the other end. See Fast breaks - Two Side (Rocket).

b) 4 Trips

- kick it up to the right wing for a jumper
- kick it up to the left wing for a jumper (in the video, the wing dumps it into the post)
- hit the rim runner
- hit the trailer for a jumper (shown).

(Variation - 1 makes a dribble-drive pitch to 4.)

See Shooting - Tennessee 4-man break.

c) 6 trips

All the options, however the players want to do them,

- kick it up to one wing for a jump shot
- kick it up to the other wing for a jump shot
- hit the rim runner
- hit the trailer for a jumper
- kick it up to either wing and dump it inside
- 1 keeps it.

There has to be a "5-man stay" on the first trip to counter a denial on 1. Coach scores the ball, 5 gets the inbounds pass and hits 1, shown.

See Fast break - Six cycles, Petitgoue lead-up drills, Spurs 5-out, DeMatha Bingo recognition.

2) 5 on 3 cycles

2 trips.

Three defenders on Team X. Both team circle, coach shoots and scores.

Team X defends on both trips, however they want, but does not deny an inbounds pass (no 5-man stay), they can rebound at both ends (then hand over the ball).

Progression - fan out and take away a pass up to the wings (shown).

3) 5 on 4 cycles (2 trips)

Team X has four defenders and takes away an inbounds pass to the point guard, make the offence run 5-man stay.

Manipulate the defence to improve offensive reads.

See Fast break - DeMatha Bingo recognition, 5-man weave vs. transition defence, Circle break.

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