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Fast break
Kelbick 2 on 0

Don Kelbick

See YouTube video - 2 on 0 Transition Build-Up.

Continuous drill, back and forth.

2 tosses a ball off the backboard, rebounds, outlets and runs wide up the sideline (in front of 1). 1 takes the ball inside and can pass early or late to 2 (early is shown). 2 can take a layup or jump shot.

Passer 1 rebounds (the ball does not hit the floor), shooter 2 goes off.

Headman the ball if someone is open and can handle the situation. 2 could dribble the ball to the corner, 1 fills the guard spot.

Variation - 2 can't get in front of 1, who decides to dribble up the sideline to the corner.

1 outlets to 3 and runs wide, here 3 hits 1 late for a layup.

3 will rebound and outlet to 4, 1 goes off.

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