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Fast break
Hurley 2 on 0

Bob Hurley

See YouTube video - Easy 2 on 0 drills.


Coach throws a ball off the backboard, 2 rebounds ("ball"), outlets to 1 ("outlet") who has his back to the sideline and takes three or four inside-hand dribble to the top of the circle, rebounder 2 fills the outside lane and cuts for a layup.

Switch coming back on the other side, 1 rebounds and outlets to 2.

4 and 3 go next.

(Use a coach at each end)

(Variation) - continuous around the world, 1 rebounds 2's layup, 2 keeps going for the outlet pass.

See Fast break - Wootten 2 on 0, Outlet and go, Gooroo Youth Basketball > Rebound outlet layup (upcourt only).


2 rebounds, pushes it to the top of the circle, hits the outlet player who runs the sideline then cuts to the basket.

Switch coming back.

On a defensive rebound, they don't care who advances it up the court.


- 2 outlets to 1 who dribbles up the sideline, 2 cuts up the middle
- 2 pushes it or outlets and 1 dribbles middle or up the sideline.

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, Layups - Pangos.up

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