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Fast break
Wootten 2 on 0

Morgan and Joe Wootten

See YouTube video - Two-man drills.

2 tosses the ball off the backboard and rebounds, a coach fouls 2 (jams the rebounder), who may need one hard dribble to make the outlet pass to 1, who has his butt to the sideline so he can see the entire court.

1 dribbles full speed up the court, jump stops at the foul line.

2 trails the break outside (touching the sideline at halfcourt), catches a pass and finishes with a layup, protecting with his off hand.

4 and 3 go next at the near basket, 1 and 2 switch and come back on the other side, 1 tosses, rebounds and outlets to 2.

See Fast break - Outlet and go, Hurley 2 on 0, Gooroo Youth Basketball > Rebound outlet layup.

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