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Zone offence

Jay Wright

Try to run your man-to-man offence against zones, don't worry about recognizing one-guard or two-guard fronts, focus on scoring. Get your shooters in the game when you see a zone, any zone offence looks great with four shooters on the floor.

Position the wings exactly in between the front line and back line of a 2-3. The slot position is extremely effective, anytime the ball comes to the slot there is an automatic post flash, all passes into a zone must be bounce passes. The ball should move quickly from the wings but can slow down up top. Reverse the ball creating a 2-on-1 or a close-out situation, the last guy in the swing needs to make a play. On a low-post catch, the ballhandler should be looking diagonal to the opposite wing (inside, out, opposite).

Ballscreens are highly effective, especially with shooters - it's a naked ballscreen, there is no hedge, think one dribble and shot. Because of congestion inside, a pass to the roll man is unlikely, the screener should be rolling right to the glass for an offensive rebound.

An opportunity that's often available is the ballhandler throwing back to the fill (here 2) to draw an outside defender out, the screener has rolled to the rim and screens the middle defender for an easy postup.

Punish the zone on the offensive glass by sending at least three players, maybe four.

See Zone offence - Bauer 4-out 1-in motion.

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