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5 on 4 cherry picker

Tom Crean

5-on-4 at one basket, a 5th defender is cherry picking at the other end. If team O scores they keep the ball and attack 5-on-4 again using a halfcourt offence. On a stop, team X attacks the other way, trying to get the ball to X3. After that stop or score, go back 5-on-5, then change.

Lawrence Frank (NBA Coaches Playbook) - 5-on-4 scramble - four defenders get into a diamond against five attackers in a 3-out 2-in set, the offence gets 5 passes and 3-dribble limit before shooting, on a stop or score, X3 is in play and can be passed the ball, forcing O1 and O2 to get back as soon as possible, play 5-on-5 at that end and come back 5-on-5.

Player who makes winning basket must make a live free throw to validate, if the other team gets the game is live, if you get the ball back and miss again, you lose (teaches you who makes pressure shots and free throws).

coachesclipboard.ca - 5-on-4 rules are
- 18-second shot clock
- maximum of 5 passes
- attackers are limited to a maximum of 2 dribbles each
- one defender must pressure the ball at all times (whoever is closest).
Coach Frank has 1-2-3 get back on the shot, only 4 and 5 go to the offensive boards. If team O scores, team X does not have to inbound, if team O throws the ball out of bounds, team X goes from where they recover the ball (the ball does not need to be checked in).

See Transition - Florida 5 on 4 scramble, also Scrimmages - Hurley 3 on 3, Options to play hard.

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