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Hurley 3 on 3

Bob Hurley

3 on 3 halfcourt, count 2's and 3's, play to 8 points, no restrictions, the player who makes the winning basket goes to the foul line for one shot, with rebounders, his team wins if he makes it, it's live on a miss, if a team misses two foul shots they lose the game, and go off if another team is waiting.

The ball has to go across the 3-point line on any change of possession, e.g. a defensive rebound.

The defence inbounds after a score by the other team, the inbounder can run the baseline, teammates must get behind the 3-point line to receive the ball.

(Variation - the inbounds pass can be made inside the arc, then get it behind the line before attacking)

On a defensive foul, the attacking team keeps the ball at the top.

Progression - it's great to give the offence restrictions, e.g., two dribbles, or a shot has to come off a drive.

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