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3-spot pass-cut-fill

Jr. NBA (YouTube)

See YouTube video - 3-person pass-cut-replace, also
Jr. NBA - Offence.

One ball, one player out top.

1 passes to 3 (or 2) and cuts up the middle to the rim looking for the ball, then goes out opposite.

2 flashes to the top.
Facundo Petracci - the cutter takes his defender all the way to the baseline, opens up, seeing the ball, clears weakside.
(Option - clear to the corner, lift on ball reversal)

3 passes to 2 who swings the ball to 4 and cuts up the middle, 3 replaces 2 at the top, continue (3 will swing the ball to 5 and cut).

Finish the drill with a give-and-go layup.

Catch in triple-threat position.

See Tactics - 3 on 0 basket cuts, Spurs 3 on 0, 4 on 0 basket cuts, Teaching 4-out motion.

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