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Schepp ballscreens

Kirby Schepp
Basketball Manitoba

Ballscreens have become a huge part of the game, it's almost the only thing they prepare for when scouting another team - how to guard the high ballscreen and wing ballscreen.

There are a few areas they ballscreen on the floor - a mid-screen, lane screen (lane-line extended), and wing screen (above the foul line, they never screen below that, there's nowhere to go). Sprint into and out of ballscreens. Stretch the floor from east to west and north to south as much as you can.

Offence needs to get an attack that forces help before about 12 seconds left on the shot clock. That's the first thing European teams do, e.g. drive with no intention of scoring, force someone to rotate, then pass-pass-pass, someone gets a layup or wide-open 3.

Ballscreens are a good way to get a help situation.

The key thing you're trying to do is get the ball into the paint to force the defence to collapse, there's two ways to do that, dribble penetration or a post entry. The don't have any post players who can score consistently, but they give them the ball a lot.


On a wing ballscreen, stretch the floor, go right to the corner and all the way to the sideline, the more space 2 has to attack.

See Offence - Billy Donovan ballscreens.

If there is a hard hedge, 1 comes to the ball looking to make a triangle pass to the roller.

If X5 helps on the roll, 5 seals him right under the rim; if X5 stays with 5, 5 flashes up to the high post, 2 comes off with one dribble and hits 5 for a pass to 4 rolling.

You can run wing ballscreen against a zone, 2 comes off and tries to make the weakside top of the zone play him, he doesn't have to get to close.

Against zone, try to screen the elbow of the zone (see below).

b) Phoenix transition

Trailer 4 sprints into a drag ballscreen then sprints to the rim, 1 comes off, first big 5 comes up to weakside elbow for a pass, looks for the roller or weakside shooter 2 if X2 helps on the roll.

They do this out of transition a lot.

See Fast breaks - Phoenix Suns drag screens.

c) Against a 2-3 zone

1 dribbles at X1 and drags him, 2 cuts through to the top (shallow cuts), 3 screens X2 as 2 makes a catch (be there at the same time as the ball). 2 catches and goes.

To make this better, 5 screens the middle of zone at the same time as 3 screens, 4 comes underneath (shown).

See Zone set plays - Shallow cut to ballscreen, Blind, 5star screen.

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