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5 on 5 fullcourt, starting five against subs. To get a point, the starters must consecutively score, make a stop, then score again (and keep possession), otherwise the subs get a point.


- subs get points only by scoring (alternate possessions, regular fullcourt scrimmage)
- subs get points for baskets and offensive rebounds
- starters must score-stop, or stop-score
- with balanced teams, use the same rule for both
- halfcourt.
John Belein - stick it to your first team in practice, make them overcome adversity and fight for momentum, every block and charge goes against them, let the other team get away with fouls at the other end of the floor.
Todd Schaefer - score-stop-score, blow the drill dead as soon as a team doesn't complete one of the three possessions.
Hoop Tactics - defensive stops - in order for a basket to count, it must be followed by a stop (teams can't just trade baskets).
Ettore Messina - 5 on 5 defensive validation - points count only if there is a stop on the next possession.

See 2 in 1 (stop-score-stop), Options to play hard, Spurs stops.

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