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Penetrate to score

An attacker must dribble penetrate the lane with both feet to shoot or make a pass for a shot (below the basket does not count). Defenders must work to stop dribble penetration, and close out on kick-out passes.


- 4 on 4 or 3 on 3
- shoot only on dribble penetration, no kick-out passing (see 3 on 3 dribble penetration defending)
- any attacker who gets both feet in the lane with the ball can shoot or pass for a shot (defenders must also defend cuts to the paint)
- the offence scores one point for an offensive rebound, or 6 passes in a row (the defence must contest perimeter passes).

See Scrimmage - No-man's land, 4 on 4 cutters, Hurley overplay.

Bob Huggins - 3 on 3 halfcourt, 10 possessions each, try to make every play penetrate and pitch (or score).
Stuart Manwaring (FIBA Oceania) - when teaching motion offence, start with no dribble and no scoring, then add scoring but initially only from within the lane and below the jump-ball circle to encourage layups (shots should be open, not contested), then add dribbling. See Attack/defend - Motion breakdowns.
Marcello Signorelli 3 on 3, layups only, no screens, no switching (it becomes 1-on-1 involving 6 players).
See Attack/Defend - 3 on 3 kick-out (score by driving for a layup or take a 3-point shot at any time).

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