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Matt Painter 60-point game

Matt Painter

The point guard starts with the ball and dribbles, when he passes nobody can dribble, screen, or shoot except a layup. Each completed pass is 1 point, a layup is 5 points, optionally -5 points for a turnover. First team to 60 points wins.

Also 4 on 4 no dribble - start at 25 feet, allow screening.
Ryan Goodson - 4 on 4, no dribbling, play to 50 points, one point per pass (you can't pass to the same person twice in a row), five points for a made basket, change possession on a deflection, turnover or missed shot, points are accumulated on each possession, you lose all your points on a missed shot (don't take a shot you can make, take a shot you can't miss).

See Scrimmage - Ganon Baker keep-away, 4 on 4 cutters, Passing - 20 passes.

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