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20 passes

2 teams in a halfcourt, 1 ball, no dribbling or travelling. The goal is to be the first team that completes 20 passes (they don't have to be in a row). Here team X completes 2 passes, then team O intercepts the ball.


- the player with the ball must take 2 dribbles before passing (coachesclipboard.ca)
- play keep-away for a set number of passes, period of time, made layup (Herb Brown), or open shot
- on a turnover, a coach inbounds to the team in possession
- allow screens
- a team loses possession if it doesn't count out loud.

Team O then makes 2 passes before team X intercepts the ball. The score is tied at 2-all. The next completed pass will be the third for whichever team makes it.


- 40 passes, 5 on 5 or 4 on 4, no dribbling
- start play with a sideline out of bounds, and on any turnover
- you can't pass back to the teammate who passed to you
- a basket is 5 points and sideline possession
- option - when a team reaches a multiple of 10, the player in possession shoots a foul shot, loses 10 points on a miss, both teams rebound for possession.
Steve Nash Youth Basketball - 20 passes in a row.

See Scrimmage - Ganon Baker keep-away.

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