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Teams of three players each. Only defenders score points. When a coach shoots, make or miss, team X boxes out team O, gets 1 point for a defensive rebound, stays on defence, team O goes off, new attackers come on. Team O switches to defence on an offensive rebound, team X goes off. First team to 5 points wins, losers run. Defenders should make contact as far away from the basket as possible.


- 4 on 4
- attackers start outside the arc (4 on 4 box-out)
- on an offensive rebound, play to a stop or score, defenders lose one point on a score (4 on 4 box-out).
Tom Pecora - 3 on 3, 3 teams, 3 minutes, attackers start behind the arc, coach moves around to shoot, rebound a make or miss, defenders tag and pursue, get one point for a defensive rebound and stay on defence, attackers swim or spin, get one point for an offensive rebound and switch to defence, defenders sprint out. There is no out of bounds, chin the ball and pivot when you get it (option - outlet to a coach).
a) 3 on 3 around the key rebounding - attackers are outside the key, coach has a ball and can move anywhere outside the key, on "go” defenders slide around the lane in a triangle pattern, on a shot they find the nearest attacker to block out. Win on defence, on a defensive rebound, defenders outlet to coach, get a point and stay on defence, on an offensive rebound attackers try to score to switch to defence. With more than two teams, rotate in on offence.
b) 3 on 3 rebounding - coach passes to any attacker, attackers can pass back to coach, who can shoot or pass (e.g. defenders are not in proper position), defenders can't switch and must get three defensive rebounds and/or turnovers in a row to get out, a made basket does not change the count.

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