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Circle the wagons



Four attackers around the arc, with defenders. Coach is anywhere around the arc. When coach says "circle" the defenders rotate quickly one attacker to the left (right), repeat until coach shoots. Defenders must make a defensive rebound and outlet pass three times in a row to rotate off (rotate offence-defence-off). Defenders should "escape the lane" when boxing out, i.e., get outside the lane when the shot goes up. Boxing out further from the basket gives them better rebounding position.
Progression - add a fifth offensive player around the perimeter, the defence fast breaks on a defensive rebound, if the offence rebounds, treat it like there is 10 seconds left on the clock at the end of a quarter, run a quick hitter or last-second play. Keep score.

That's a Foul, March 2002 - 4 on 4 up and back on a score or stop.
See Rebounding - Florida circle the wagons.

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