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4 on 4 box-out


Three teams of four players, start with team O on attack, team X on defence. On the third team, 1 and 2 are shooters, 3 and 4 are outlets. On the shot, attackers crash the boards and defenders box out.

On a make, the closest defender inbounds to an outlet who passes to a shooter, while all attackers must run to touch the 3-point line with a foot before rebounding the next shot.

On a miss, the defenders must rebound and pass to an outlet for one point, the outlet passes to a shooter, attackers must again touch the arc. On an offensive rebound, play 4 on 4 to a stop or score, the defenders lose one point on a score.

Continue play until the defence gets 3 points, then they break 4 on 0 on the other basket and come back. Rotation is defenders to shooters/outlets to attackers to defenders.


Here team X makes a defensive rebound, outlets to 4, who passes to shooter 2. The attackers run to touch the arc before rebounding the next shot.
- defenders start in the paint (see Illinois war for other options)
- defenders lose a point for an offensive rebound, another point for a score
- coach starts play with a pass to a shooter from under the basket, attackers must run to touch the arc, defenders escape the paint (see Doc's drill).

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