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5star circle

David Thorpe

Four defenders move clockwise, each player always has a cone (or chair) to defend. When coach yells "shot", they box out, sit down with a low base, stay in stance for a couple of seconds.

To box out, locate your man, create contact, staying low, release and attack the ball, don't let the ball come to you, rebound above the rim. Make contact early, as the shot is being released, hit him with your hip and rear-end area. Don't run to where he is, run to where you think he is going (in this drill, probably halfway to a chair). If you make contact, he's probably going to stop and not even chase the rebound.

Offensive rebounders should assume every shot is a miss, avoid contact with the defender, and try to get side by side with an equal chance. On a shot from the left wing (opposite), fake left with the left foot (away from where the rebound will likely go), then swim or spin. For a swim move, push the defender left with the right hand, swim with the left hand and step through with the left foot. For a spin move, get your body on him, reverse pivot on the right foot then spin on the left foot.

The guy who wants the ball more usually gets it.

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