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3 on 3 cut-throat


American Basketball Quarterly, 2005Q4
Teams of 3 players. Start with one team on defence in the lane, another team outside the arc on attack. Coach shoots and tries to miss. If team O gets an offensive rebound they are replaced by team 3. If team X gets a defensive rebound, both teams stay. If team X makes 3 defensive rebounds in a row against team O, they go off, and team O switches to defence.

- attackers can score after an offensive rebound, then go off
- coach can shoot as soon as he gets the ball after a defensive rebound, attackers must touch the 3-point line with a foot before rebounding (see Doc's drill)
- 4 on 4 (see Circle the wagons).
That's a Foul May 2006 - there are only two teams.
See UConn for 1 on 1, and Pitt 2 on 2 war.

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