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Florida match-up breakdowns

Billy Donovan
See Defence - Florida match-up press.

1 on 1

Fullcourt with inbounds passer. Attacker 1 cannot go beyond the near foul lane line or top of the circle for the inbounds pass.

X1 lines up inside, hands up (surrender position) to avoid fouls. He is not denying (or fronting), make the attacker cut to the short side. If the inbounds passer runs the baseline, X1 moves ballside like help defence.

On the inbounds pass, apply pressure, head on the ball, not forcing side or middle, be all over the ballhandler with hands up (a linebacker blitzing the quarterback), don't let him look, make him put it on the floor.

If X1 can steal the inbounds pass with his inside hand it's OK, but he has to recover if he misses, don't lunge past (fake hustle). If X1 gets beat off the dribble, sprint ahead to cut off the ballhandler.

2 on 2

The inbounds pass is limited to the far lane line and top of circle. Both defenders line up inside. Switch if a cutter uses a screen, don't switch if he breaks back. Both defenders get basket side on the switch (not ballside), X2 drop steps and opens up when screened.

On the inbounds pass to one attacker, the other sprints to halfcourt, his defender takes it away.

If X1 gets beat, X2 will stunt (run to fake a trap then recover to his man), if X1 then recovers to get even with the ball on the side, X2 will run up to trap (traps occur anytime they have a defender on the side).

X1 plays head up until the ball is even with the top of the circle, then gets on one side and X2 runs up to trap. Trappers have feet together, hands up, pivot with the ballhandler, come closer as he pivots, mirror the ball.

If 1 is trapped (he can dribble out), 2 v-cuts behind the trap, 1 counts to two then passes. Trappers stay until a pass out, then sprint pursue to back tip the ball (run ballside through the ball, don't lunge).

If 1 beats trapper X2 up the sideline, X1 runs behind his teammate to cut off the sideline.

3 on 3

Use an inbounds passer with defender, no restrictions on the inbounds pass.

Automatic trap by X4 on any inbounds pass ballside below the block. On an inbounds pass to the other side, X4 sprints ballside below ball level into a help stance.

If the inbounder can handle the ball they will trap him (potentially trap all three attackers); if the big is shaky, they want him to dribble and make a play at speed. 2 flashes middle on the pass to 1, X2 takes it away.

If 1 dribbles up the sideline, X4 drops back, when he splits the difference, X2 at halfcourt can move up to trap. If the ball is passed back to inbounder 4, X4 can't run at him because of 2 at centre, he may have to stunt and recover. If the dribbler picks up the ball, it's full denial.

The defence will give up two passes - lateral back, and furthest pass opposite, but not to the middle.

Don't worry about containing the player getting the inbounds pass, make him put it on the floor, don't let him look.

If you get a steal, pass it right away, the defence is going to rush you, don't throw it away.

4 on 4, 5 on 5

Trap if the ball is a step across halfcourt, and trap again on a pass up the sideline/corner. If an attacker speed dribbles towards a trap and leaves his feet to pass, trappers should be stepping in to take charges.

If the ball is dribbled over halfcourt with no trap, the press is off, sprint to get a man.

Any time the ball is on the side, all defenders are ballside.

If a team uses a 1-4 press break, the defender closest to the sideline plays behind, so the attacker breaks up and goes long into his body. It's the same thing if an attacker breaks back to the ball along the sideline.

See Pressing - Florida 5 on 5.

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