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Press breaks
Old Dominion regular

Blaine Taylor

There isn't a press until there's a trap. If you want to score against pressure, pass up the side, look for layups (compress the defence, get rebounders in place), then shoot the 3. You will also have transition defence. Running after made baskets will stop a lot of pressure.

4 is the inbounds passer ("trigger"), his skill development is important - passing, dribbling, shooting the 3. Alternatively use 3 to inbounds.

Situationally (leading late game), use 1 as trigger except on spot inbounds, he can run the baseline, get it in, and get it back.

Most defences load the right corner with their best defenders, so teach 4 to run the baseline (don't inbounds under the basket).

With the regular press breaker, 3 and 5 are at halfcourt, 1 and 2 screen for each other.
- flip-flop 3 and 5, see Press break - Double middle
- 5 goes deep if he doesn't get the inbounds pass, see Bill Self 1-3-1, also Dave Odom (speed attack), Duke vs 1-2-1-1
- 5 goes deep to start, see Xavier, Arizona
- 1 and 2 stack and break against zone, see Atkins regular, also Canada Basketball
- use 1-2-3 in the backcourt, see Canada Basketball, Bill Self 1-3-1
- use 1 as the inbounder, see Double middle.
(Special) - 3 and 5 flash back, 2 screens for 1 and goes long, see Old Dominion line (lumberjack), Bill Self 1-3-1 (special 2), Falcon (atom).

On an inbounds pass to one guard, the other breaks middle, 4 is the return (safety) in a 2-1-2 set.
- if 1 passes to 2, 4 runs wide opposite, 1 becomes the trailer, see Bill Self 1-3-1
- if 1 throws it back to 4 he takes it on the dribble if a good dribbler, 1 trails, see Dave Odom (press attack), In the flow.
(Variation) - 4 inbounds then cuts to the middle, see Arizona (3/4 press), Hofstra (white).
Double middle - inbound the ball to 1 or 2 against an off-ball press (2-2-1 or 1-2-2); often 1 will inbound, bring 3 back with 2 and send 4 deep.

If 1 and 2 are face-guarded they break back all the way to the baseline, 3 comes flying into the middle for the inbounds pass then makes an overhead pass to 1. Don't let 3 dribble.
- 5 goes long middle on the catch, 1 and 2 cut up the sidelines
- 5 can flash back if 1-2-3 are denied
- 5 flashes middle instead of 3 (with a slower or more cautious defender).
Double middle - a pass to 3 is preferred if the press looks to trap the first pass (an on-ball press).

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