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Press breaks

Avery Johnson

When the other team scores, their X5 is probably getting back as a safety, and X4 looks to jam the inbounds pass. 5 tries to brush screen X4, but if he is not in position he has to go upcourt unless 4 changes sides for the pass.

1 makes a banana cut to get the ball on the run, not low.

If 1 is double-teamed, square the floor, with a player in the middle. If X3 rotates up to cover 4, 4 moves back to stretch the rotation. If 2 and 5 are denied, 3 gives himself up and finds an open area. If 1 passes, don't try to get the ball back to him, push or pass it ahead for a 3 on 2 or 4 on 3.
Use the same approach if trapped in the frontcourt.

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