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Press breaks
Old Dominion line

Blaine Taylor

Against a 1-2-1-1 it usually easy to inbounds by running the baseline and passing to outside players 5 or 3.

Option - 1 and 2 screen for each other.

On a pass to 3, 2 cuts up the sideline and 1 goes middle.

"Line" can also be used to break pressure on a sideline out of bounds. 3 inbounds, 1 and 2 screen for each other.


If the press commits five players to come up before the inbounds pass, you can throw it over the top, or get it in and fly.

If Taylor's players see five guys committed, it's an automatic Lumberjack. 1 screens for 2 then flies. If 1 is open 4 knows early (the first step after screening) and puts it out front. If X5 stays back, don't pass to 1, get the ball to another player into the regular press break.
See Press breaks - LSU specials (One down), Falcon (Atom), also Bill Self (Special 2), Rick Majerus (Flyer), and Defence - Florida match-up press.

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