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Press breaks
Rose 1-4

Lee Rose

Effective against man or zone pressure.

Option 1

3 (a good passer) inbounds to 1, re-locates to the middle of the lane. 1 hits 5 cutting diagonally, 2 sprints across midcourt on the pass, 4 releases and goes opposite 5, filling the outside left lane. 5 fills the right lane on a pass to 2.

The play is the same if 3 runs the baseline and passes to 2.

If 1 can't hit 5 his next looks are 3 or 4, who cuts to the ball as 5 vacates. 3 and 4 look to hit 2, who looks for 1 cutting into the middle. 2 and 5 fill the lanes.

Option 2

1 breaks to the corner if denied, 5 comes straight down the lane (X5 will seldom defend deep in the backcourt, so 5's defender is usually smaller), 4 breaks to midcourt, finds open space and button hooks. On the inbounds pass, 5 hits 1 breaking upcourt, who takes the ball to the middle, 4 and 2 fill the lanes.

If 1 isn't open, 5 has 4 in the middle of the floor, 3 stepping inbounds and 2 on the sideline. On a pass to 4 he look for 1 or 2. On a pass to 3, 3 passes to 2 and stays behind the ball in the middle of the floor. 1 cuts to the middle, 4 clears to the right sideline and fills the lane.

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