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Press breaks
Atkins Louisville

Ken Atkins

4 is the better big ballhandler. 4 and 5 stay in their lanes, moving vertically. 2 screens for 1 (not compulsory against a zone press), or 1 stacks 5-8 feet behind 2 in the centre of the floor. 2 screens for 1 against a man press, against a zone press they break opposite.

Option - 2 fakes the screen and goes long (more effective against a man press). No more than one player goes deep before the throw-in.

On an inbounds pass to 4, 3 steps in as safety and stays close behind the ballhandler. 1 (closest to the ballside sideline) runs ahead to the sideline, 2 cuts to the middle ahead of the ball, 5 moves up or down depending on ball pressure. He can cut into the gap between 2 and 3 if there is strong ball pressure, or otherwise move to a long, diagonal position.

On a pass up the sideline, the middle player sprints ahead of the ball on the sideline, the safety fills the middle and the passer is the new safety.

Here 4 passes ahead to 1 and becomes the new trailer in a 2-1-2 set.

On a pass to the middle of the floor, the passer and safety stay behind the ball.

(Atkins does not discuss what happens on an inbounds pass to 1 or 2, but based on the Atkins regular 2-1-2 press break it would look like this. 1 would be in the middle on an inbounds pass to 2.)

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