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Each team has two balls. Scorers and rebounders must start outside the 3-point line. Scorers must shoot with the right hand, then go to the rebound line. The team that makes the most baskets in one minute is the winner (or the first team to X baskets). Switch the shooting line to the left, require reverse layups, etc.

Option - shooters can use either hand, but a made layup done properly (e.g., with the left hand off the right foot on the left side) counts 2 points, any other make is 1 point.
Variation - only one line per team, each player has a ball and gets their own rebound.

coaching.fiba.europe.com - only one ball per team, shooters get their own rebound, and must score (make any putback) before passing to the next teammate.


- pull-up shots off the dribble
- give and go passing
- catch and shoot on a return pass.

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